Tučepi is a pictoresque litlle town that streches for 3 kilometers ,both sides of the Jadranska magistrala road (D8)from Makarska on West to Podgora on South.This is the town of hevy labor men and fishermen that  blossom out from Gornje Tučepi that was almost totally destroyed over night in earthquake in 1962.Nowadays the ruined houses are re-building in

Monument to Andrija Kacic-Miošić

Monument to Andrija Kacic-Miošić is located on the main square in the center of Makarske.Andrija Kacic-Miošić was a Franciscan monk, teacher and one of the most famous Croatian literate.His most famous work (Pleasant Conversation of Slavic people) became a Bible new Croatian language.On the  monument that was built in 1890, except for the character Andrija Kačić-Miošić ,there

City fountain in Makarska

City fountain  or also known as Venetian fountain was built in the main square of Makarska, today called Kačićev trg.The fountain was built in the year 1755. while Makarska was under Venetian government , and the interesting fact is that, with the coat of arms of Venetian governor Anthony Balbi, that is the first time that crest of arms

Biokovo mountain

Biokovo mountain stretches over a most part of Makarska Riviera and as such is responsible for a worldwide famous mixture of climate,alpine and mediterranean ones,which is resulting a large number of visitors that have problems with respiratory system, in other words health tourists.Biokovos highest peak Sv.Jure (St.George), with its 1762 meters above sea level,is the third highest


Brela, a small turist resort next to the sea is a municipality with 1770 inhabitants. Brela has become one of the most exclusive and most wanted tourist destinations in Dalmatia during the last few decades of the 20th century thanks to the attractive natural environment, clean pebble and sand beaches, romantically arranged along a side where a promenade swerves between


Makarska riviera Makarska Croatia is the center of Makarska riviera, micro region that stretches from Brela in the West to Gradac in the East.The name of the town Makarska presumed to have origins from little village Makar.It is a dream town situated on the south side of Splitsko-Dalmatinska parish,right under glories mountain Biokovo.The mountain that has third

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