Brela, a small turist resort next to the sea is a municipality with 1770 inhabitants. Brela has become one of the most exclusive and most wanted tourist destinations in Dalmatia during the last few decades of the 20th century thanks to the attractive natural environment, clean pebble and sand beaches, romantically arranged along a side where a promenade swerves between pine trees and modernly comfortable hotels, guest houses, apartments , boarding houses, catering and other modern tourist facilities. High over Brela is the rural village Kričak with a wide offer of homemade specialties. The clean and clear sea and the care of the environment are best confirmed by numerous tourist awards. The Punta Rata beach has been carrying the Blue Flag for already 8 years. The Blue Flag is the greatest international acknowledgment for a clean sea and environment. Lifting the Blue Flag on the Planet Earth on June 5 is a festive occasion. St. Stjepan is the day the Brela celebrates the day of the municipality.

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