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Istria is Croatian region and also the largest Croatian peninsula. It is a country with a "two-faces", combination of marine and continental beauty, and just because of that, one of the most desirable destinations of European and world tourists.  Also called the „Croatian Tuscany „ because of its natural beauty, hilly landscapes and and historic towns.

Istrian mountains Učka ( 1400m) is the ideal place from which we may take a good look at this mystical peninsula. Učka is a favorite destination for hikers and picnickers.

Along the Adriatic coast lined up Istrian jewels, smaller and bigger Istrian historical towns: Umag- town and port on the northwest coast of Istria, Poreč- famous for sun, sea and impeccable tourist image,  Rovinj- town that seduces with its medieval narrow streets and Pula- the largest ancient city built 3,000 years ago with the most famous building from Roman times, the Roman amphitheater. The amphitheater, known as Arena, is the sixth preserved amphitheater in the world. It was built in the first century and has been used in the past for gladiator fights in front of more than 20,000 spectators. Now it is used for concerts and various cultural events.

Small towns in the green, central Istria, reflect the beauty of old times. There are : Hum- the smallest town in the world, Grožnjan- famous for its art galleries and artists, Pazin- located in the heart of the peninsula and known for the castle which is the best preserved medieval fortress, Motovun- in which the film festival is taking place every summer...


In Motovun forest and elsewhere in the interior of Istria, grow truffles, a type of fungus which are a symbol of Istrian gastronomic offer and irresistible delight. Besides truffles, in the Istrian taverns you can find homemade smoked ham, domestic wine, olive oil ... The winding roads of central Istria will take you to the taverns where you can taste the famous Istrian wines such as: malvasia, teran, muškat, pinot, which fits perfectly with the famous Istrian soup with toasted bread.

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