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Kvarner or Kvarner  bay is situated in the northeastern part of the Adriatic sea between Istria and Hrvatsko primorje ( Croatian north coast).  On the coast of the Kvarner bay  there is the largest Croatian port and also the third largest city in Croatia: Rijeka.

Rijeka is a city which attracts with its beauty.   Old town in Rijeka  is very interesting with  many historic monuments, and specially,  theatre building called Ivan Plemeniti Zajc, built in year 1885. University Library is worth visiting  as well as the Modern Gallery, Maritime and History Museum and other sights of the city's rich history. Every year in Rijeka a large Rijeka Carnival is taking place, that is  one of the biggest and most famous carnivals in Europe. Large processions of children and adults always bring joy and powerful message of time in which we live. Festival Rijeka Summer Nights is taking place every summer in July at various locations in town.

Opatija is nearby small  but unique town  that exudes with elegance and opulent beauty. Famous Opatija villas and hotels are of great architectural beauty and value. In the green surroundings  of mountain Učka  these villas and hotels are a perfect blend of the fashionable spirit and excellent tourist services.  This town has a very pleasant climate and a balanced temperature and therefore it is an attractive place in winter and in summer. This old lady has a tradition of tourism of over 170 years and offers 12 km promenade called Lungomare. The promenade leads to beautiful parks and villas such as villa Angiolina, villa Amalia, hotel Kvarner, the park and the church of St. James with a rich collection of 150 species of plants, including the famous Japanese camellia, which has become the symbol of Opatija.

Kvarner coastline is very rugged, there are many underwater caves and wrecks of old ships.

Kvarner has 22 nautical ports, more than 3,000 berths  in the sea and 1,800 dry berths. Marinas are located close to hotels and camps, and some of these marinas are the best equipped  Croatian marinas.

The largest islands of the Kvarner bay are : Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab and Pag.

Cres is a bit wild and undiscovered island, adorned by olive groves and sage. Birds such as eagle and nightingale are found their  home at Cres.  Very special, rare and protected bird, a griffon vulture, has also found its home on this island. In August, this young birds leave their home and fly away on their five-year wandering around Europe, Asia and Africa. After that, the birds are back and continue to live on the island of Cres.

Rab is known for Rab Tournament games that are memorable event in the town of Rab. Held since the year 1364. represent memories at the knights defend  of the city in the past. 

Krk is the largest Adriatic island. With the Krk bridge the island is connected to the mainland. It was given the name Golden Island due to the color of wine, honey and olive oil  which are on this island the products of  top quality.

Mali and Veli Lošinj are known for their ancient cobbled streets and unique center "Blue world" who care about the dolphins living in the waters.

Susak is a sandy island rich in natural features and cultural heritage. The island has no roads and no cars, no noisy nightclubs, just miles of dusty trails that connect the village with remote bays. On the island there are people with archaic dialect, distinctive customs and costumes, wine-growers and fishermens.

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