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North Croatian coast

„Hrvatsko primorje“( North Croatian coast ) is a historic name for the area east of the Rijeka, and includes the cities of Bakar, Kraljevica, Crikvenica, Bribir,  Novi Vinodolski and Senj.

Bakar is an ancient town, one of the oldest on the Adriatic. It is also a port, and is located in the Bay of Bakar. It was built like a amphitheater on a hill, and its historical center is registered as a historical monument. Rich historical legacy left behind an important cultural heritage: Bakar castle, Fort of Hreljin, remains of Liburnian ruins, church of St. Andrew, which is the third largest in Croatia, Roman and Turkish houses, Bakar dry stone walls and many other attractions.

Kraljevica is situated 2o kilomethers south of  town Rijeka.  The most powerful Croatian medieval nobles Zrinski and Frankopan, ruled this area long time ago.  They left us the legacy of two beautiful castle: castle Old town in the centre of town and castle New town above the sea shore.

Crikvenica has gained prestige and recognition in the world thanks to its 8 km long sandy beach. Apart from its beaches it is widely known for walking paths. The entire Crikvenica riviera is actually a several kilometers long promenade. The walking paths are rich in protected plant species. Tourism in Crikvenica has a long tradition of more than a hundred years. The airport on the island of Krk is very close, the largest harbour in the town of Rijeka is also very close and  Crikvenica has always had a good road and rail links with Europe. All these facts were good stimulus for the early development of tourism in this area.

Bribir old town and the castle was built on the hill where it served as a fortress in the past. There is a great view of the valley and New Vinodolski up on the hill. Renaissance works of art in the church st. Peter and Paul, are a testify of cultural and civilizational achievements of medieval Vinodol and strong ties with Europe.

New Vinodolski is located 45 km south of Rijeka. Above the old town rises the church of St. Philip and James. The ruins of a Roman fortress Lopar and  the remains of ruins Ledenice are worth of visit too. The colorful folk male and female costumes, heroic songs and folk dance, as well as famous folk instrument „sopile“ are preserved in Novi Vinodolski since time immemorial. During the winter carnival in the city and in the surrounding area is very cheerful and vivid. Riviera Novi Vinodolski with its clear waters, romantic horizons, green fields and forests, and above all with its indented coastline, is extremely attractive to visitors. This is area of a mild, Mediterranean climate with 2500 hours of sunshine a year. Along the coast of the town, at a distance of 205 m from the coast, there is  the islet of San Marino,  famous for relaxing and carefree sunbathing.

Senj was once an old settlement, founded on the hill Kuk 3 000 years ago.  At the ancient ruins of the town, in the Middle Ages, Croats built a new city, today's Senj. Senj is the largest urban area on the Croatian coast between towns Rijeka and Zadar. With road links it is connected to the hinterland through Vratnik.  By road it is also connected with cities Novi Vinodolski and Rijeka at the west, and with Zadar and Split at the south. There are two climate zones in this area: Mediterranean and Alpine-Dinaric. Velebit mountain forms the border between the two regions. Senj area is extremely windy. A  very strong and famous wind  „bura“ is blowing here.  This wind is also a natural phenomenon and it is very interesting  to the scientists too.

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