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South Dalmatia

South Dalmatia stretches south of the Neretva River via the peninsula Pelješac till Dubrovnik in southern Croatian coast. In the bay of  Boka kotorska it borders with the state of Montenegro. The coastline is rugged and varies from protected bays with sandy beaches  and exotic beauty to the steep coasts with cliffs, which makes this county one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean.

Geographically, Southern Dalmatia begins in the valley of the Neretva River. This is the area with small towns: Ploče, Opuzen and Metković. Mandarins are the pride of the Neretva valley, and besides them here grow watermelons, kiwi, lemons, peaches, apples and grapes. There is an ongoing initiative to protect the whole valley as  Natural park Neretva River.

City of Dubrovnik is center of South Dalmatia

Political, cultural and economic center is the city of Dubrovnik. In the Middle Ages, in this area there was an independent city- state, called the Republic of Dubrovnik. Due to its strong maritime trade, this state resist the major powers and held as a self-governing unit, until the 19th century. Dubrovnik's main street, Stradun, divides the old city center into two parts, and is decorated by many sights: Large and Small Onofrio's Fountain, the church of St. Salvation, the Franciscan Monastery, Orlando's Column, Sponza Palace, which is one of the most beautiful Dubrovnik palace etc. The circuit of the city walls with towers is one of the toughest and most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Construction of the walls started in the 8th century and a great earthquake in year 1667. has not caused more damage to them.

Many international magazines write about this city, and it is a frequent destination of jet-setters. Many celebrities were amazed with Dubrovnik and is also on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage. Because of 260 days of sunshine a year, Dubrovnik is a favorite destination for those who enjoy the Mediterranean climate and plenty of sunshine. Dubrovnik Summer Festival is one of the oldest European festivals, and guarantees a month and a half days of top arts, particularly in theater and music.

You can visit other parts of the Dubrovnik region too, such as the small town of Cavtat, known for its wealth of folklore and excellent gastronomy. In Cavtat a submarine museum is worth visiting, it is the largest amphora deposit on the Adriatic. Indispensable is also a Pelješac peninsula, which offers beautiful beaches and unspoiled nature. Pelješac is also known for oysters and wine, made from the eponymous grape-Plavac Mali.

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