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Nugal beach Makarska

Nugal beach Makarska is one of the most beautiful Croatian beaches. It is situated 3km

south from the city center of Makarska, on the way to place Tucepi. Nugal beach is surrounded by

high cliffs with pine trees. The beach is reachable only by foot, cycle or by boat.

One of the attractions of the Nugal beach Makarska is the waterfall that is activated during the rainy season.

Tourists who like to swim without bathing suits have now officially got a nudist beach in Makarska, the beautiful beach Nugal.


For all those nature lovers, Makarska offers a great number of activities. One of those is walking or tracking throughout Forrest of the Osejava peninsula. The Osejava peninsula closes  Makarska's town harbor from the south side just opposite of Sveti Petar (St.Peter)peninsula.
Walking from the harbor, one passes hotel Osejava, a hotel with a long history first built in 1930. than re-build 2007. Just under it on sea level there is a cave turned into a discotheque Deep as one of the most valuable parts of nightlife in Makarska.
From the cave, one can choose one of two paths to go around this beautiful peninsula, by the sea or in the middle of it. Soon one passes the Metereogical station and Emergency center (tel.08000112) than walking through a pine forest eventually in 30 minutes or less one can reach Tucepi. Very important to mention is the Nugal beach at the end of the seaside path. It is the most beautiful beach on Makarska riviera and beyond. In short, one must no miss walking or cycling this peninsula.

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